Tips to celebrate holidays with Alzheimer

Tips to celebrate holidays with Alzheimer The holidays are often celebrated with presents, food and quality time spent with family and friends. But they can also bring stress, disappointment and sadness. Celebrating holidays with Alzheimer may cause a special sense of loss. For caregivers, they will remember the happy memories of the past, but may […]

The why, how, and what: apathy in dementia

Apathy in Dementia Apathetic behaviors are the most common “neuropsychiatric symptoms” associated with dementia, and occur in up to 90% of people with dementia at some point in their illness. These behaviors can cause significant stress for the caregiver, as these patients often require extra time and effort to provide care for. Even when a […]

The Patient’s Story

I met Enrique at a small boarding house where he was trying out our software on the table. Asking him how he liked the table, he looked at me with a big smile. “I don’t know, I have never used it”. But inviting him at the table, he was able to play the games instantly […]

Dementia and technological innovations

Time has not yet brought a cure for Dementia and/or Alzheimer, but it has brought new technological innovations that can help patients to be safer and more comfortable. Dementia can be frightening and overwhelming — for both caregivers and the ones living with the disease. New technologies that seem successful thus far, help ease anxiety, establish […]

How to keep love alive when memories fade away

If Alzheimer’s creeps into your life, it has a huge impact on mutual relationships. Relationships change between marriage partners, between parents and their adult children and between other family members. Alzheimer and love; how do you keep the love alive for the other person when memories fade away? It is work It remains important to […]

The fear of Alzheimer

Being a woman in her fifties, I look forward to aging. For me growing older is a real privilege.  I finally am finding out what I want from life, and without the uncertainty that followed me the previous decades, actually achieving it.  I try to stay active, eat healthy and take time to relax. However, […]