For Seniors with cognitive challenges

For Seniors with cognitive challenges

Elderly package

Creating moments of happiness, while doing reminiscence therapy, training fine motor skills, reducing apathy and working together.

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A selection of interactive games, including music and movies, that stimulate both physical and cognitive activity and encourage social interaction. The games are all about enjoyment and wonder.


Developed for the elderly, including those with dementia, with the aim to improve recall, stimulate communication and have fun.


The easy to use programs are a result of a thorough co-design process, working closely together with both the target group as well as activity managers and family members. Sensation, relaxation and reminiscence are included to safeguard the right play experiences.

Available on different tables


The choice is yours


You can compile the Acerize concept as it best fits you and your organization; not only in terms of layout, but also in terms of budget.



Some of our programs highlighted

Doing small things that bring joy, easy tasks that are applauded as ‘well done’ as well as taking a trip down memory lane that starts the conversation.

Flower tag
Talking album USA

Flower tag

Touch and dissolve the flowers. A social game that also stimulates motor skills.


Mix and match the two parts of the proverb. Brain as well as motor skills training!

Talking album USA

A map that invites to a conversation. A very social and cognitive game.

“Acerize is a great concept and has the potential to bring many benefits to seniors with memory care issues. ”

William Young
Owner/Administrator – Forever Young Memory Care
President – RCFE Association