Making the life of vulnerable people more enjoyable

Activating people, helping them to Communicate with others and above all to Enjoy life!

What it means for you


At the Acerize table you play together and take a trip down memory lane. Working together and having meaningful conversations will help to reduce loneliness.


Our easy to navigate games empower you, stimulate your strengths and reduce apathy, while training both fine motor as well as brain skills.


Games at different levels allow for playful social interaction, empower you while you develop new skills.


As a family member of someone with a cognitive impairment, we offer you a new way to interact and connect.


Our table and its advanced software offer you a new way to build social connections and interaction with your residents. This will increase your job satisfaction.


Our unique concept is a visible proof of your commitment to the importance of activities. This will offer you a competitive advantage and the new way to interact will also make both your residents, their families as well as your staff happier.


The technology you are used to will now allow you to connect with your grandparents and stimulate them to share their stories, making each visit more fun and more meaningful.

Other stakeholders

As the worldwide population ages, the healthcare systems will face significant challenges to meet the needs of an aging population. Seniors that stay active and involved, age healthier and require less support.

Easy to use games designed with the right play experiences

Also for people with a severe cognitive impairment.

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“Such an innovative product that really engaged our residents of all levels of mental capability.”

Katrina Custodio
Life Enhancement Coordinator
Highgate at Temecula