For individuals with disabilities

A fun and social way to strengthen abilities

Special needs package

The games invite to play together, help to start a conversation, are educational and stimulate motor skills.


The quality of your life improves if you are challenged, for example by playing and moving. With an interactive tablet table, residents play a variety of games together or alone.


Developed for people of all ages with differing developmental levels.


We talk with care workers and family members and each new game or education on routine is tested with the clients, ensuring that our programs will stimulate them as best as possible.

Available on different tables


The choice is yours


You can compile the Acerize concept as it best fits you and your organization; not only in terms of layout, but also in terms of budget.



Some of our programs highlighted

Doing small things that bring joy and easy tasks that are applauded as ‘well done’.

Connect the dots


Connect the rails and make sure the train gets to the train driver.  Challenge cognitive abilities and stimulate motor skills.

Connect the dots

Connect the numbers and discover the figure. Some fun brain and motor skills training.


Test your reaction speed and make the moles disappear. A fun social game.

“We love Acerize and highly recommend this amazing table to families like ours”

Jo Ashline
proud mother of Andrew

Disability Sensitivity Training