How do you explain Corona to people that are mentally disabled?

The corona virus raises many questions. About your health and that of your loved ones. About the far-reaching measures taken by the government. The information we receive through the news or newspapers may not always be easy to follow for everyone. Social media posts may not always be true. How do you discuss corona with […]

Corona and safe contact with your (old) parents or grand parents

Corona and safe contact with your (old) parents or grand parents The British celebrated Mother’s Day already on March 22. In a column that was published at that time in The Sunday Times, the UK president, Boris Johnson called on the population not to visit elderly parents. “It’s the best way to show your mom […]

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer and then …

When talking about dementia, the emphasis is often on loss. However, that is not the case on day one. Therefore, after the diagnosis Alzheimer it is important for the person with Alzheimer and the people around him or her to look for ways to stay active and to continue to live their lives as well […]

How to keep love alive when memories fade away

If Alzheimer’s creeps into your life, it has a huge impact on mutual relationships. Relationships change between marriage partners, between parents and their adult children and between other family members. Alzheimer and love; how do you keep the love alive for the other person when memories fade away? It is work It remains important to […]

Autism and school

Good support for kids with autism and school always means tailoring as each child with autism is different. Thereby good communication between parents, school and child is essential. Both the parents and the child may provide valuable information on what support is needed at school. Autism and school: tell or not to tell? Many parents […]

Moving with Alzheimer

When living at home is not an option anymore Moving with Alzheimer is a challenge. It starts with a difficult decision, but at some point you feel that you can no longer provide the care that is needed at home. Moving in general is a busy and complicated event and it can also be quite […]

The fear of Alzheimer

Being a woman in her fifties, I look forward to aging. For me growing older is a real privilege.  I finally am finding out what I want from life, and without the uncertainty that followed me the previous decades, actually achieving it.  I try to stay active, eat healthy and take time to relax. However, […]

How to prevent Alzheimer?

Scientists believe that for most people, Alzheimer is caused by a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that affect the brain over time. Can Alzheimer’s be prevented? It’s a question that intrigues researchers and fuels new investigations. To be honest, there are no clear-cut answers about how Alzheimer is caused— partially due to the need […]

Purposeful living with Alzheimer

If only kindness for people with Alzheimer could take root in society I see him every day that I drive down the hill; the old man that is waving with his walking stick. Every time I wave back, he smiles from ear to ear; for him it’s another day of purposeful living with Alzheimer. Purposeful […]

Can Alzheimer Come And Go?

Alzheimer symptoms can be confusing. Nearly everyone who cares for someone with Alzheimer has seen the signs for years. And then it seems that suddenly things get really bad, it lasts for weeks and then may stop again. And your mother/father/partner seems to be back to being the one you have always known. And then […]